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As Crypto Market Value Surges Back to 2 Trillion, US Congress Crypto Bill Moves Forward

various cryptocurrenciesThe recent continuous increase of cryptocurrency prices had pushed the crypto market value back to $2 trillion with Bitcoin and Ether still in the lead. The price surges are being attributed to the inflows coming from new spot bitcoin Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs).

What Exactly are Spot Bitcoin ETFsbtc Bitcoin Exchange-Traded-Funds

Inasmuch as the surge in prices of BTC is attributed to the large amount of money infused in new Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs), the proposed bill defines whether crypto money is to be treated as a security or an investment commodity.

The crypto market describes a spot bitcoin ETF as an actual amount of cryptocurrencies held as an investment fund, of which the value directly follows the current bitcoin prices. It stands in contrast to future-based exchange traded funds that base their value on contracts speculating the future price of the BTC.

House Committee Moves Forward with Proposed Cryptocurrency Bill

Lawmakers and traditional financial institutions like banks are pushing for legislations that clearly prescribe the regulatory guidelines that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) will follow in regulating the crypto industry. Actually, the House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee recently deliberated and approved a bill that establishes the conditions that would define crypto money as a security or investment commodity.

The bill outlines the extent of the oversight and regulatory responsibilities of the CFTC, while also clarifying the official power of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the crypto industry. The clarification is considered important by the digital currency industry as many crypto advocates are complaining of the SEC’s tendency to overreach its jurisdiction.

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Hustler University India : Helping Indians Take Part Effectively in Cryptocurrency Transactions

Hustler University India (
) acknowledges the growing needto impart guidance and knowledge on cryptocurrency exchanges and investments to inexperienced Indian locals venturing in this high-risk market. Participating in the cryptocurrency world requires a deep understanding of how blockchain technology and the decentralized financial system works. The university’s primary goal is to equip students with the necessary skills in navigating their way toward a successful crypto investment venture.

phenomenal growth of cryptocurrency marketAlthough the federal Indian government still has to establish a regulatory stance with regard to cryptocurrency investing, financial reports indicate a tremendous growth in this sector. The adoption rate in crypto use and investing in India has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Current Status of the Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing in India

Monitoring platform Chainalysis reported that the 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index placed India in the number one (1) spot in the overall index rating after dropping to fourth place in 2022. The increase in crypto adoption persisted despite the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) suggesting that cryptocurrency transactions are illegal.

India’s Supreme Court Wards Off RBI’s Attempt to Ban Crypto Transactions

Actually the 2018 Supreme Court ruling on RBI’s attempt to ban crypto and the related blockchain system made crypto assets in India more appealing as a financial tool. This was amidst the phenomenal performance of bitcoin after traditional investors in the US also dipped their hands into crypto exchanges.

The Supreme Court of India ruled that the RBI does not have the authority to infringe on the right of the people to invest in digital money. Mainly because the country has no laws on which RBI’s crypto ban was founded. Unlike in other countries, there are specific laws pronouncing the crypto currency and the blockchain system either legal or illegal. In fact, the governments of other countries are imposing heavy taxes on income gained from cryptocurrency investments, as well as collecting minimal taxes on all blockchain transactions,

As a result, cryptocurrency adoption in India grew in leaps and bounds, reportedly at a growth rate of 20,000% after crypto investments in India increased from $200 million to $40 billion.
Apparently a high number of Indian locals took advantage of the exceptional performance of bitcoin when BTC price indices started to peak, which historically reached $68,000 per unit of BTC in the global blockchain technology market.

Hustler University India came around at a crucial time, and perhaps its comprehensive mentorship and guidance enabled many Indians to successfully grow their crypto asset investments.

Overview of Hustler University’s Cryptocurrency Educational Program

Hustler University’s cryptocurrency educational platform emphasizes the need for students to fully comprehend the basics of decentralization and how the blockchain technology works around it to ensure security of the decentralized financial transactions.

bitcoin simulationAs the students progress, they are given the opportunity to engage in simulated digital exercises on how to trade and invest in crypto money, specifically using the most popular digital . assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum. That way, the simulated hands-on experience gives students practical knowhow in applying the skills and knowledge they acquired from the program; before venturing into the real-world scenarios of the high-risk crypto market.

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Lawsuit Loans : Understanding the Importance of Legal Funding Companies

personal injury lawsuitLawsuit loan companies or legal funding companies are in the business of offering pre settlement money to legal claimants of personal injury lawsuits. Court proceedings could drag on while the plaintiff is already running out of funds, since he still has to recover from his injury.
That is why accepting a pre settlement offer as an alternative to waiting for the court’s decision is a practical solution to imminent financial problems.

What Exactly are Lawsuit Loans?

A Lawsuit Loan is also called a pre settlement funding, provided as an advance payment of the expected proceeds of the personal injury lawsuit claim. Basically, the legal funding company will be repaid with interest, but only if the lawsuit will yield compensatory damages in favor of the plaintiff.
Otherwise, if the outcome of the personal injury lawsuit is not favorable and did not award the compensatory damages being claimed by the plaintiff, the legal funding company cannot demand payment of the lawsuit loan from the plaintiff.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lawsuit Loan Company

Choosing a legal funding company is of utmost importance as there are certain conditions and aspects of the loan that must be stated clearly.
factors determining a lawsuitUnderstand that compensatory damages are awarded by a civil court if it has been proven without doubt that the plaintiff suffered losses as results of the unlawful action, misconduct or negligence of another party. The money awarded will be the source of funds that will be used by the plaintiff to repay the lawsuit loan or pre settlement funding.
However, if the court’s decision over the personal injury lawsuit did not result in the awarding of compensatory damages, the lawsuit loan company cannot demand payment from the plaintiff. Moreover, when choosing a lawsuit loan provider the following factors and conditions must be taken into consideration:
Determine whether the lawsuit funding company charges interests or collects a flat fee on the type of lawsuit loan granted.
If the company collects interests, determine if the rate stated is on a per annum or semi-annual basis. That way, a consumer will not be misled by a seemingly low interest rate; 17.5% semi-annual rate is equivalent to 35% per annum.
Also, make sure the lawsuit loan company does not compound the interest collected. Compounding denotes calculating and collecting interest on an interest-bearing base amount.
Consider the swiftness by which a lawsuit loan or pre settlement funding is provided for the plaintiff’s immediate use.
Also, consider the lawsuit loan company’s openness in working with one’s lawyer in clarifying the terms and conditions of the lawsuit loan. While there is pre settltement risk present in the granting of the lawsuit loan, the company must not pass on the fungible cost of such risks to their customers.

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