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Who Should We Give Credit For With The Creation Of Cryptocurrency?

You can easily make a search on Google to know more about the birth of cryptocurrency. However, while it is easy to gather info on the Internet, it is unlikely that you will find confirmed or reliable details about its pioneer. One quick research will give you the name Satoshi Nakamoto, the man believed to have designed Bitcoin. As we all know after reading up here in Crypto Hunt Game, Bitcoin is the first widely accepted digitized cash in the online realm.

As much as we tend to believe everything that is provided on the internet, we cannot say for sure if these details about this certain Satoshi Nakamoto are all real. First of all, everyone on the Internet can easily make stuff up, claiming to be associated with this person and say all sorts of things about him. Another thing is that the real Satoshi Nakamoto has yet to reveal his face and identity to the public. Until that day, there is no guarantee that all the things that we heard about Satoshi Nakamoto are real.

Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is (or if this is actually the name of the man behind Bitcoin or not), we have a lot of things to thank him for. As the person who developed Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto paved the way for cryptocurrency to be a widely accepted medium of exchange on the Internet. This has made the lives of many people on the Internet a lot easier, especially that all of our transactions are already being made online.

More Information About Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is said to have accumulated up to one million bitcoins. This value is already equivalent to at least USD 7 billion. That figure was obtained as of May 24, 2017, and it is very likely that Satoshi Nakamoto has accumulated a bigger investment than that.