Month: January 2022

Los Angeles Attorney: Legal Market Crypto

Clients no longer press their fingers on the golden bell, but on the enter button on their laptops. More and more people are looking for everything they need for their daily life on the Internet including legal advice. Digital change is gradually changing the market for legal services but more fundamentally than ever before.

Digital services are standard today. Hiring Los Angeles Attorney online is also becoming increasingly popular.

Hiring Los Angeles Attorney: What is a blockchain anyway and what is it good for?

In short, a blockchain is a distributed database.

If a database is no longer stored on a central server but on a large number of servers, this ensures relatively high hack security. The database is very well protected against external attacks. The big innovation of the blockchain is that predetermined consensus mechanisms ensure that the database is still the same on all servers. This works even with a public database that is located on a large number of servers. It is accessible to the general public.

Hiring Los Angeles Attorney: For which applications are blockchain attractive?

They invented blockchain for trustless transactions. These are transactions between parties who neither know nor trust each other. Yet, they work without a well-known intermediary such as a bank or Amazon. This consensus mechanism built into the blockchain eliminates the middleman. Bitcoin is the mother of all blockchains. It is a currency that you can transfer from person to person without the intermediary of banks.

Hiring Los Angeles Attorney: And how exactly do smart contracts work?Hiring Los Angeles Attorney

The blockchain forms the basic technology on which smart contracts run. Smart contracts are simply automated processes, computer codes. There’s a nice quote: “When smart people hear the term ‘smart contracts, their minds tend to run wild.” However, smart contracts are not complete contracts. They are automated excerpts from contractual relationships.

Using the example of a stock corporation. A profit distribution could be made without intermediaries on the blockchain using smart contracts to be implemented. In addition, you can do billing in this way in the mass sector such as telecommunications or in the energy sector. And if you ever charge your electric car on the street because charging stations are built into parking lots, the billing can be done via smart contracts.

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New Developments Transpire in US Cryptocurrency Market as Price Continues to Plummet

The slump that the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing since last week is regarded as being the worst plunge in months. Bitcoin (BTC) plummeted to $34,000 while Ethereum (ETH) sunk below $2,200. The huge price drop came after the Federal Reserve’s report on a possible government-issued digital currency. This was during the middle of the stock market’s worst week for almost two years. According to the CoinMarketCap statistics, crypto market cap went below $2 trillion between the sell-off.

The great news though came this Monday, although it wasn’t until Wednesday that the delayed recovery effect was felt. investors placed $14 million into crypto funds but mainly to take advantage of the price dip. According to the report, the inflows last week mostly went to Bitcoin-focused accounts totalling USD 13.8 million.

US Government to Issue Its Own Digital Currency

The Biden government announced plans of issuing its own U.S digital currency and has taken the first step to determine the potential impact of such plan. The Federal Reserve is asking the opinion of citizens on the possible release of a digital dollar, tentatively called the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Apparently the US Central Bank will issue and support the digitalized cash. Actually, if this pushes through, the U.S. will simply follow suit to China and Sweden, the firsts to experiment the adoption of cryptocurrencies

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Wallin Hester: Lawyers For Start-Ups

In order to avoid mistakes and save time, as a business start-up you shouldn’t shy away from going to a specialist lawyer for legal questions. Whether legal form, labor law, trademark law or contract law, the list of legal provisions is long.

Financing your business: Contact Wallin Hester

Contacting a Wallin Hester business lawyer is particularly worthwhile when it comes to legal issues relating to business start-ups. This will help you avoid mistakes that can later cost a lot of money. The successful implementation of a good business idea requires not only technical and business know-how but also legal knowledge. The way to start a business is bumpy and decisions have to be made again and again.

Lawyers have extensive knowledge of the various legal situations that can affect setting up a business. Most lawyers also specialize in business start-ups and have valuable experience. With the help of a lawyer, a serious mistake in the course of starting a business can be prevented.

Wallin Hester: Where do lawyers help with starting and financing a business?

Wallin Hester

Real estate law, copyright law, personnel law or industrial property law, the list of legal provisions is long. Business start-ups and self-employed people often try to find out about their rights and obligations on their own. However, that takes a lot of time. In addition, they often lack the experience and the necessary knowledge to understand the legal texts and formulations. To avoid misunderstandings and wrong decisions, ask a lawyer.

For all business start-ups and the self-employed, legal issues play an essential role when setting up a business. Deciding to find a lawyer is costly, but it makes it easier for you to deal with legal issues during your business start-up and to focus on your core competencies.

Wallin Hester: The correct legal form of the company

The company does not have the right legal form. Rather, it is important to work with a lawyer. The decision for a legal form should consider the following criteria, among others:

  • Contingent liabilities
  • Tax burdens
  • Management structures
  • Ability to raise capital
  • Profit and loss sharing

Lawyers support you with their knowledge in the search for the right legal form of the company. With the help of a lawyer, you can prioritize the criteria. In addition, the lawyer also knows which permits your business requires and which precautionary measures you should take.

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