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Let us take you on a journey into the unknown as you become a modern day explorer and treasure hunter!

Every step you take brings you closer to being rewarded for your in-game efforts and knowledge.


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Sascha Srdoch

CEO, Founder, Project Manager
Founder of multiple mobile apps and services. Notable among them include Morch – a model booking app; Truth or Dare – the only TOD online game; – a postcard selling app, and others. A hyperactive daily crpto-trader, Sascha undoubtedly remains one of the few crypto experts in Croatia. Because Sascha's constantly in search of a new challenge, Sascha seldom finds sleep. As an enthusiastic extreme sports lover, Sascha is always boastful of his collection of broken bones. He firmly believes that 'Nothing is Impossible'.

Milan Urosevic

Milan has almost 2 decades of experience working in the financial industry. For 5 years, he was the COO of Safe Invest – a leading financial services provider in Central and Eastern Europe. He believes that finance is the core of any business and that fitness is the core of a good life. A perfect body with good finance makes the ideal living. When not serving as a spokesman in financial conferences in Eastern Europe, he's busy working out. He doesn't have what other people call 'free time'. Finance is the only way of his life.

Bruno Skvorc

CTO, Lead Blockchain developer
A blockchain developer and owner of the technical tutorial magazine and consultancy company. He regularly speaks at and organizes conferences and has been in cryptocurrency since Ether was born. He's a hardcore gamer and was a web developer in a previous life. You can add him on Oculus as theswader and follow his rants on Twitter as @bitfalls.

Sasa Zrna

Lead game developer
A software engineer with an extensive experience in game and mobile app development. Even with a bachelor's degree in computer science in sight, Sasa is talented in writing different programming languages such as C++, C# among others. I find pleasure in being a part of a team that develops an evolutionary game that's changing the financial world. I work tirelessly, so that people like you can earn some bucks while having fun playing our game. How cool!

Ivan Voras, PhD CE

Lead backend developer
A backend developer turned entrepreneur with a PhD in computer engineering. Proud of the breadth of the projects under his spanning from blockchain technologies, operating system kernel development to hardware solutions for Internet of Things devices. He worked at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computing of the University of Zagreb for a large part of his life, satisfying his inclination for researching and developing new solutions, and now is continuing that lifestyle in a couple of startups, developing solutions for existing and problems and thinking about new ones. Other interests include photography and psychology.

Rea Budic

Lead graphic designer
A graphics artist and illustrator. A word-enthusiast who's had to change career from journalism and also very passionate about new challenges and evolving ideas. With over 5 years of experience handling various design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3ds max etc., she is highly skilled in brewing value into different designs. Sometimes when she is not designing, she is busy perfecting her taekwondo moves. Her free time is mostly spent playing games or drawing furniture works. Talk of the life of an artist!

Marina Srdoc

Master of Law
A blockchain legal advisor. A cryptocurrency enthusiast and active trader both in the traditional and crypto financial markets. With a Master's degree in blockchain and crypto related laws, her responsibilities include the provision of legal counsel in compliance and crypto system design. Along with other team members at CrptoHuntGame, she is redefining more legitimate means of making money and also finds deep interest in design and fashion.

Ilija Ilicic

Web developer, community manager
A professional programmer experienced in web development. Also well versed in various programming languages and platforms including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, Bootstrap and Foundation 6, among others. With the recent evolution of crypto, Ilija is always motivated to learn about the blockchain. He holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering.

Umair Ahmed

AR/VR Graphic designer
A highly skilled AR/VR 3D Designer with more than a half decade professional experience in game designing. His love love for 3D modeling and design is unmatched; it is his life. Presently, he is working with Strata 3D – a commercial 3D modeling, rendering and animation program. With an insatiable quest for R & D, he has championed lots of R & D in the past, and is currently involved with some R & D about new technology and tools designing.


Joe Blackburn

The Creator and Co-founder of Crypto Coin Trader Joe Blackburn has cultivated and grown one of the largest and most influential social media platforms in Crypto. Joe has advised over 20 Blockchain related projects and has a vast history in social media and community building. Joe genuinely enjoys the crypto eco-system and has devoted countless hours to being involved, from dying his hair in a lost wager with the community, to being listed as one of the top influencers in crypto in 2017, Joe maintains a grasp of the pulse of the crypto community and culture.

Ivo Ugrina, PhD

Programmer/Data Scientist
PhD in Mathematics
MSc in Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Assistant Professor (Croatia)
  • Visiting Lecturer (King's College London)
  • Head of Data Analysis (Genos Glyco-Science Lab, Croatia)
  • Head of IT and Bioinformatics (MapMyGut LTD, London, UK)
  • Research Scientist on EU-FP7/H2020 projects
  • Visiting Researcher (Germany, UK, Netherlands)
  • Android malware recognition service (University of Utah)

He brings to CryptoHunt 15+ years of experience as an IT and statistical consultant, software developer, researcher, head of a data analysis team and entrepreneur. Ivo learned a lot from the community and therefore tries to give something back by participating in conferences and user groups with talks on different aspects of computing and IT in general. He is passionate about open standards and technologies and loves sports, animated movies, ... and crypto games.