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Who Is The Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

The person who paved the way for cryptocurrency is still shrouded in mystery. While there are many people who believe that the man behind Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is born and raised in Japan, there are still others who doubt the veracity of the information about his identity. For one, when looking at the database implementation of the Bitcoin software, Satoshi Nakamoto must have an enormous background on the English language for him to declare lines and variables in English. While someone who is born in Japan can still speak and understand English, Satoshi must have a lot of English in mind for him to come up with such database block. Therefore, it is a real possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto is not really Japanese, and he could have just used a Japanese-sounding name to mislead the public. After all, baring his real identity has negative implications to his own safety.

The Evolution Of Cryptocurrency From Bitcoin

It is considered that Bitcoin is the pioneer for having a widely accepted digitized cash on the Internet. With the success of Bitcoin, more developers are being inspired to develop their own cryptocurrency. For people out there who have zero idea about the development of such feature, the only thing for them to do is to choose the right cryptocurrency to invest on. Good thing that you end up in this blogging site, as Crypto Currency Guide is here to make things about cryptocurrency easier to digest.