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Top 5 Popular Cryptocurrency

Despite the fact that Ethereum and Bitcoin have nearly dominated the headlines with regards to cryptocurrency investment, still there are roughly 1500 crypto-assets that are in circulation. And believe it or not, this figure keeps piling up as the day passes by.

With the immense popularity that it has today, using these digital currencies to buy and sell goods and services have become possible.

So don’t be surprised if you can use it for paying mortgage on lainaa netistä or when shopping products over the web.

Every cryptocurrency has a minute difference in its function and make-up. This is exactly what we are going to know in this article.


This has become a household name for cryptocurrency. At the moment, there are more than 16.8 million tokens that are in circulation against the current capped limit of 21 million. Its market capitalization significantly varies on a day to day basis but it hits a record high of over 200 billion dollars.

Bitcoin cash


This was first launched in the summer of 2017 which was an offshoot of original Bitcoin. Yet, it was able to climb the sky and become among the hottest and most traded cryptocurrency in the market.


This is otherwise known as little brother of Bitcoin. Litecoin has a strong resemblance with its older sibling. However, this has faster transactional speed and at the same time, with a higher token limit of 84 million. The mining process on the other hand is memory intensive and the market cap is about 1/20th the size of Bitcoin.


You can easily recognize the image of this cryptocurrency from the dog Shiba Inu which was derived from the “Doge” meme on the internet. It was introduced initially as a parody but it was so hot that it had its own community. At the beginning of 2018, Dogecoin has a market capitalization of 2 billion dollars.


This cryptocurrency has been labeled as a decentralized app provider. It was developed originally as “world computer” super network with the goal of eliminating third-party companies in app creation.

Applications that are made on Ethereum are on distributed public platform wherein miners can get “ether” that fuels the network.

Posted by Ness Shantel

How Cryptocurrencies Can Be Financially Favorable To Your Business

Marketing, whether online offline, represent the undertakings carried out by a company or business to advocate the purchasing, selling or trading of a product, merchandise or service. This includes advertisement, sale, and delivery of products to customers and/or other companies and businesses.

A funnel, like those by Hustle Life, is built to improve marketing and would take a prospective customer throughout the entire process from the discovery of your brand or business, to the regular procurement of your products. The purpose is to build a system that is highly automated system and quantifiable at any and every point in the in the procuring journey of your customer. Funnels consist of electronic mails, landing pages, as well as content offers. You would miss opportunities on sales without a funnel since these are utilized to direct traffic into leads and which turn into sales.

In the marketing trade, cryptocurrencies as well have already made a substantial impact on the industry to improve marketing, even though specialists work on realizing the pros and cons involved. Actually, there are those who would debate that cryptocurrencies would eternally alter and transform the industry of finance and marketing.

Cryptocurrency Defined

Cryptocurrency is a type of blockchain technology, wherein bitcoins as well as other distributed ledger systems are built on. Blockchain is database that is open and shared and works in a network format that is decentralized. Basically, it is an enormous ledger of transactions. It permits users of cryptocurrencies to anonymously add and transfer information into it, without compromising security. So, how can the industry of finance and marketing gain from cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology?

Cryptocurreny Helps in Finance

Unstable cash flow is one of the challenges that every business encounter and marketing agencies as well are not insusceptible to it. Cryptocurrency could be the way out. It has certain financial advantages and less tangible benefits. Using digital currency, bitcoin for example, as a payment alternative for consumers could be in a lot of ways be favorable to a business.

  • Fees are lessened.

Payments done by means of credit card could be costly, with banks as well as payment processors usually acquiring a 3% to 5% cut. Digital currencies could in fact lessen such charges to not more than 1%. For bitcoins cash, charges or fees are typically below one cent.

  • Chargebacks are eliminated.

Transactions via cryptocurrencies are irreversible. This means that returns or chargebacks, which are usual with payments completed via credit card, are eliminated.

  • Transactions are swift.

Receiving cryptocurrencies as payments can also considerably expedite or speed up global transactions at the same time as reducing fees or charges, which is perfect for online sellers.

  • Immediately accessible.

Unlike bank-owned payments, there isn’t any waiting period for a third party-dependent. This implies that as soon as payment via cryptocurrency is successful, the amount transacted is already in your digital wallet and could be accessed straightaway. You could convert your digital currency into your local currency fiat at any time you want.

These are just a few of the many benefits of cryptocurrencies that individuals in the marketing industry could enjoy. Therefore, it is worthwhile for marketers to make time to fathom the transformations taking place in the marketing world and how cryptocurrencies could considerablt benefit you and your business.


Posted by Ned Queen in Cryptocurrency, Finance

The Way Economists are Seeing the Impact of Cryptocurrency in a Nation

Cryptocurrency is getting its fair share of popularity and market interests. Today, there are increasing number of businesses and companies that are accepting cryptocurrencies as another method of payment. With trial and error as well as deeper knowledge in such, it gives investors confidence like WOT Asia and several other private institutions to use and navigate through cryptocurrency market.

A Start of New Era

Both blockchain empowered solutions and blockchain technology itself are now revolutionizing value exchange mechanism. In traditional methods of performing financial operations and government issued currencies that are backed by financial institutions similar to banks, this is literally a big hurdle they have to overtake. It isn’t longer possible to minimize or disregard the existence of cryptocurrency. This is true now that it is quite popular in people around the world.

But the question is…

What are the possible impacts of cryptocurrencies on global economy?

Let me give you a couple of points to ponder

Challenging the Dollar

US Dollar is the leading and dominant currency for quite some time. Also, it is the reserve currency of world’s economy. This is integral in centralization of global market. With this in mind, the world is sure to experience its wrath when a negative development transpires in US financial market.

Crypcurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and the likes are decentralizing financial transactions. It’s not reliant on US Dollar or any other currency for that matter. With the continuous growth in adopting cryptocurrencies, global market might no longer have to depend heavily on US dollar. This is going to change the landscape of foreign relations, most specifically, how we do financial trade. Furthermore, if other governments jumped into cryptocurrency market, it may potentially weaken the influence of US in the world.

Risk to National Currencies

Monetary policy of a given state is given thorough consideration. It’s not really a surprise for this has big impact on currency exchanges, rates of interests as well as money supplies. This additionally has an effect on several other things similar to the unemployment and inflation rate.

Values for cryptocurrencies aren’t tied to national currencies. At the same time, there’s no body of government that is overseeing it. Therefore, it’s safe to say that cryptocurrency is free from monopoly or control. If people begin to rely on cryptocurrencies than on national currencies, then this will cripple various countries as well as their economy. Arguably, this may put the economic independence of countries in question.

A Possible Solution

With these potential threats, government-backed cryptocurrencies may become possible in near distant future. Countries might opt to create cryptocurrency of its own in developing autonomy from world’s financial system.

Posted by Ness Shantel