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The Things One has to Know before Investing in Bitcoin

You might have not known much about blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies but you sure do heard about Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was founded back in 2009 and served as the basis for all cryptocurrencies globally. This is the first and at the same time, biggest cryptocurrency with a value reaching over 3,000 dollars.

With so much buzz and hype revolving around Bitcoin, there are a lot of people who do whatever it takes to get their hands on it.

This is true even if it mean them to take a bad credit loan.

Given the fact that it’s the very first digital currency ever introduced, it brought drastic change in the interest of various organizations, investors and companies. It’s open to everyone and a decentralized digital currency to which can be utilized for various purposes be it trading, selling or buying goods and services. If you too are like everyone else who want to tap the power of Bitcoin and make a fortune out of it, then I suggest that you keep on reading.

Bitcoin Investment 101

First and foremost before being too excited to have Bitcoins, you must secure a digital wallet. This stores your Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency you want to have. It uses a secret number and private key to have access to your Bitcoin. It’s more like an encryption tool.

There are two kinds of digital wallets:

  • Software Wallets – these are applications that can be linked to your bank account.
  • Hardware Wallets – these wallets store private keys on a hardware device, hence the name. It can be anything like a hard drive or a USB device.

Now You are Ready


After buying Bitcoin, you also need to exchange a fiat currency. Thus, after setting up a digital wallet and the payment method as well, that’s the only time when you’ll be ready to buy and exchange Bitcoins.

Now to the real question, is Bitcoin a viable investment? Definitely! Everyone is aware of it and being a decentralized currency, it only means that there’s no central authority is controlling it. No banks or governments can stop your payment or close your account. It’s an assurance that Bitcoin will live long and this is going to change the landscape of how we are doing business.

Posted by Ness Shantel

Is It Smart To Invest In Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is probably the world’s most talked about currency, though it’s still a wonder to many. Let’s change that and cover a quick overview of Bitcoins. Here is all you need to know about Bitcoin before you even start trading them. Bitcoin, like the euro and the dollar, is a currency used to pay for goods and services online. As opposed to traditional currencies, Bitcoin features the following:

  • It follows a decentralized system where no government or central bank has control over the currency source.
    Bitcoin is entirely digital which means there are no physical coins or paper bills to represent bitcoins. Bitcoins are regularly monitored by blockchains which constantly update records that trace the history of each Bitcoin generated.
  • Bitcoins are linked with a wallet ID instead of your own personal details, however, this does not necessarily make it completely anonymous.
  • Bitcoin started in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. This person released a paper speaking about how Bitcoins can potentially work and after a year it began being mined and traded.

People are so fascinated by Bitcoins because there are no middlemen like banks that charge too many fees. Because it prevails fully on the web, transactions are done entirely by the use of wallet IDs contrary to using your personal information.

Bitcoins can be purchased

You can easily purchase bitcoins using cash, credit or debit cards, or through wire transfers. However, before making a purchase, you will want to set up a bitcoin “wallet” from which the wallet ID is based on. This is simply a place to keep your bitcoins, much like your wallet keeps your money, cards, and other personal IDs.

Bitcoins can be mined

Bitcoin mining is much like mining gold online and thus the term mining. The process makes use of bitcoin trading bots such as those found in With banknotes, the government makes the decision as to when is it best to print notes and disperse funds, however, Bitcoin does not have any central regulator, that’s why anyone can mine bitcoins online.

Is it wise to invest in Bitcoin?

Be aware that investing some of your savings on Bitcoin is not the same as investing in the stock market. Having bitcoins is not similar to keeping money in banks.

Wall Street does not trade bitcoins and it also cannot be purchased or sold by brokers. So anything and everything is entirely up to you. Because of its irregular nature, Bitcoin is constantly fluctuating in price and occurs more often than other currencies. If you do not like the risk, you should consider a safer investment than Bitcoin. There is also no real value like gold. The value of bitcoin is what people think. Considering this, its value can be a bit daunting.

Seeing that the number of bitcoins is restricted and Bitcoin is no longer going to be generated after 2040, the idea of diving into some investment is a good idea and it could help broaden your portfolio. The future of Bitcoin is bright but bound on a risky path. Sometime soon, the government may purchase Bitcoin to be stockpiled like gold. This can have a lot of negative effects, but it means that the limited bitcoin would surge in demand.

Reminders when investing in Bitcoins

The most wide-spread type of investment in Bitcoins to buy and stick to Bitcoin and hope that it appreciates in value so that you could make a sale. As with all investments, you must not invest more than what you are willing to lose. Bitcoin is still a very dangerous investment. The key thing to consider when purchasing Bitcoins is to purchase only via reputable exchanges.

One more important reminder is to avoid purchasing all Bitcoins in one transaction. Instead, make use of the dollar cost averaging approach to purchasing fixed amounts on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. This allows you to buy the largest bitcoin when the price goes up, and the least bitcoin when the price goes down.

Posted by Laney Seward in Cryptocurrency

What the Future Holds for Cryptocurrency as Investment?

Electronic currencies are stored in banks electronically. This is one of the basic explanations for digital currency or also known as cryptocurrency. Given the fact that 80 percent of world’s currency is still using paper money, most of it is stored in banks and has a digital counterpart. Right from the time it was introduced, it evolved from being used to conduct business, to the main channel of e-commerce. Well, it seems that nothing can stop its evolution and serve an all-new purpose of using digital currency.

Believe it or not, the very first cryptocurrency ever created was on the time when internet is revolutionizing back in the onset of New Millennium.

It’s coined as E-Gold which was founded by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. in 1996.

This has enabled users to electronically transfer small value of gold. Then come the spring of 2000, it has become the very first electronic currency to provide exchange service among other countries.

Couple of years prior to the launching of PayPal, it was able to snatch over a million accounts. Then in 2006, Liberty Reserve lets it client to start converting their Dollars or Euros to Liberty Reserve money. Sad thing is, it wasn’t that long before goons and dishonest individuals discovered this method and take advantage of it to make shady transactions online. Thus, the US Government had to shut down websites that are offering these types of services.

Differences Between Cryptocurrencies, Digital and Virtual Currencies

While increasing number of banks are starting to realize the advantages of electronic banking, virtual currencies are operating as an independent money to which the value is made by original backer. On the other hand, you ought to know that virtual currencies have different forms and among the most famous is Bitcoin. It’s funny because it doesn’t fit any specification or category and instead, it encompasses aspects of all 3 forms of electronic currency.

Digital currency is different since this is a type of money backed up by assets with worth that’s equivalent to real world value. The fact that world’s money is stored in computers as digital money, it can be said that most of the world’s currency has gone digital.

Strengthening the Foundation of Knowledge in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a form of electronic money to which every transaction are encrypted and decrypted to push through. It uses block chains in order to store data and link together effectively as it function as ledgers and promotes consistent data monitoring. Aside from transferring encrypted cryptocurrencies, there are many functions associated to it as well. For one, it can be used as a form of investment like trading in VIPsignals crypto as if you’re trading using real money in stocks.

Posted by Ness Shantel